How to install Universal Mapping


Contact the developer either by phone or by e-mail and he will mail you the current license agreement. Return the signed agreement by mail. The developer will then send you the archive file with the program and its documentation either as an e-mail attachment or via ftp (file transfer protocol) and supply you with the password to the archive via e-mail.


The program archive file is a password-protected ZIP file of the name UMapnnn.ZIP, the number nnn indicating the current build of the program. Create a program directory (such as c:\map\UMap) and copy the archive to that directory. To unpack the program use Symantec Corporation Norton NT Tools 1.0 (which also has integrated ftp and which I highly recommend) or the latest version of PKWARE, Inc. PKUNZIP. If you agree with the license agreement, prefix the case-sensitive password with the string "YES" without a space in between. In case of PKUNZIP the command line for extracting the archive will be:

PKUNZIP <archive file> -sYESPassword

Note that the password is case-sensitive and is to be entered without string delimiters. Note further that unzippers other than the two mentioned above may not unpack the archive and that PKUNZIP will only unpack the archive if you enter the password on the command line according to the above syntax.

Among the program and configuration files, there will be the following documentation files: VERSIONS.DOC (in Microsoft Word 7.0 format), which lists all the new features or bug fixes of each build, and MANUAL.HLP (in Microsoft Windows help file format), which contains the program manual including the full installation instructions. Open VERSIONS.DOC to find out about the latest changes to the program and about possible modifications to the installation procedures. Then open MANUAL.HLP by double-clicking on its icon in Windows Explorer or Norton File Manager and turn to the installation section, which contains instructions of how to proceed with the configuration of the IDL environment.

If you don't have IDL, now it's time to download the latest demo version from Research Systems, Inc. Note that some restrictions apply. If you have trouble with the 30+ MB download you can contact either them or the developer for a copy of their demo CD. Important: Some key IDL functions are disabled in IDL demo mode. To evaluate Universal Mapping under IDL 5.0 you need to get a software code from Research Systems or their distributors in order to unlock IDL so that it operates in regular mode. Please e-mail the developer for details on whom contact so that you can have the soft key without delay.

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