Teaching artifacts

Most of my teaching materials are electronic.

Using the Oasis PET/CT viewer.

Depending on the teaching context they may be confined to a particular learning management system (LMS; such as the LMS of the University of Bergen) or a particular network (such as the Norwegian health network, which is only accessible from hospital workstations).


The Official Website of the University of Bergen contains about 30 multimedia lectures on all aspects of nuclear medicine. Most lectures are in Norwegian, some are in English.

This page gives an overview of my contribution to nuclear medicine specialist training in Norway.

The LMS of the University of Bergen. I programmed modules in the fifth, sixth, eighth and 10th term (MED5 – MED10). In addition I implemented an entire course “Endocrine Surgery from Image to Treatment” (ELMED318).

Image Database for students at the University of Bergen. Requires VPN access to the protected network of the University of Bergen.

Dedicated LMS for nuclear medicine specialist training run by Helse Vest IKT.

Image database in the Norwegian Health Network for medical students at the University of Bergen and for nuclear medicine physicians (fellows and specialists); only accessible from hospital workstations.


I have recorded a large number of screen casts documenting the use of various medical IT systems. Here are some samples.

Screencast documenting the use of Fiji/orthanc PET/CT viewer for students at the University of Bergen.

Screen cast documenting the use of the oasis PET/CT viewer client software.


This web lecture contains a screen cast documenting the use of Mirada Medical for nonrigid fusion of PET/CT and MR.