Teaching under the COVID-19-pandemic

Since 2017, I have made “hands-on” teaching of PET/CT a hallmark of my teaching. To this end, I rolled out installations of our client-server PET/CT viewing system system to all 5 computers in the dedicated teaching room in Armauer Hansens House at the University of Bergen. In my courses in the third and the fifth years, students had to solve a set of clinical problems in the university’s learning management system by studying the PET/CT examinations using dedicated software. This went very well – we published this in 2019. Due to the pandemic, students were however locked out from both hospital and university. How could I salvage my teaching?

I launched a new freeware client server viewing platform in the university network.

The open source client server PET/CT viewer inside the hospital network.

To my surprise, both university and hospital were very responsive, and ten days later the solution was online, just in time for my teaching in the tenth term. Students must install the freeware Fiji viewer on their own computers and connect to the database in the university network containing anonymized studies. As of today, 18 students have already done this. I helped the first five students with installation and configuration so that I could fine-tune the documentation of the system, but now everything seems to work like a charm.

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