First e-course for nuclear medicine specialist training

Today was the first day of our e-course “NM-5”, the first of its kind for nuclear medicine specialist training in Norway. The course is to run over a succession of 30 Mondays with pauses under school holidays until October 2020. Each course day is introduced by a lecture that is screen-cast live to all participating hospitals.

e-course NM5
New online-course NM5 for specialist training in nuclear medicine

After the lecture, participants are to work with learning materials in our Moodle learning management system (LMS):

  • a set of multiple choice questions (MCQ) about the lecture,
  • a set of MCQ about one or two original articles, and, finally,
  • MCQ about one or two anonymized cases in native DICOM format in our national teaching data base.

The teaching approach is similar to what I introduced into the medical curriculum at the University of Bergen, however the live seminary has been replaced by a video conference.

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