Teaching under the COVID-19-pandemic

Since 2017, I have made “hands-on” teaching of PET/CT a hallmark of my teaching. To this end, I rolled out installations of our client-server PET/CT viewing system system to all 5 computers in the dedicated teaching room in Armauer Hansens House at the University of Bergen. In my courses in the third and the fifth years, students had to solve a set of clinical problems in the university’s learning management system by studying the PET/CT examinations using dedicated software. This went very well – we published this in 2019. Due to the pandemic, students were however locked out from both hospital and university. How could I salvage my teaching?

I launched a new freeware client server viewing platform in the university network.

The open source client server PET/CT viewer inside the hospital network.
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E-learning in Continuing Medical Education

One of the greatest challenges when arranging courses in nuclear medicine in Norway is that we are so few: approx. 25 fellows in training and about 30 specialists practising their profession, all of them spread over vast geographic area. Plenary courses are difficult to arrange since people have to be flown in. (It takes more than a day to travel from Bodø to Oslo by train…)

Today we launched the first Norwegian e-course for continuing medical education (CME; “etterutdanning”) in the Norwegian specialist health care system (“spesialisthelsetjenesten”).

We had seen record attendance in our national e-course in nuclear medicine under the COVID pandemic, therefore we wanted to be quick and launched our new course one day before Easter. Now we are waiting for feedback.

Brushing up our Moodle site…

Our first e-course in nuclear medicine specialist education NM4 has now run for 5 Mondays. The last to present on 16 December was Trond Velde Bogsrud…

Time to give our Moodle server a much-needed facelift. I switched over to the more modern “Bold” theme (risking that some users complain that some essential buttons are moved into hamburger menues).

Moodle server nukit with new bold theme
Facelift for our moodle server
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First e-course for nuclear medicine specialist training

Today was the first day of our e-course “NM-5”, the first of its kind for nuclear medicine specialist training in Norway. The course is to run over a succession of 30 Mondays with pauses under school holidays until October 2020. Each course day is introduced by a lecture that is screen-cast live to all participating hospitals.

e-course NM5
New online-course NM5 for specialist training in nuclear medicine

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